Amblyopia is a disorder of sight affecting between 1 and 5% of the population, resulting in limited stereoscopic depth perception

Pirate Eye is a prototype WebVR application to test depth perception and improve stereoscopic vision

Two hot air balloons are placed in front of you, one positioned closer than the other. The balloons are scaled in such a way that they appear identical when viewed through only one eye. Two eyed stereoscopic vision enables you to determine which of the balloons is closest through the sensation of depth perception.

After selecting the balloon that seems to be the closest in 20 different configurations, the user is given a score 

Then, using experimental asymmetrical light correction to attempt to re-balance their stereo vision, the user can take the test again and see if their score improves
Pirate Eye is a Wolf in Motion R&D project and is not supported by any clinical research

If you're interested in trying Pirate Eye please contact us at

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