Here is a little selection of projects I have been working on over the last years. Some might inspire you. Or maybe not. That's OK if they make you smile.
Eole, a wind turbine that I designed and manufactured with 3 friends. We also tested it on a car at 70 mph. It actually produced electricity. It also generated the sound of a plane. The police said our idea was dangerous for cyclists. And birds.
Rise-Up, a Kinetic chair that takes shape when you sit in it. The principle is simple, the user's weight is used to trigger the mechanism that will unfold the chair. No extra energy required. It has a smooth motion and a surprising effect. [details here]
Whilst 3D printing might allow you to quickly materialize your dreams, yet they still look incredibly boring in one color (it's a fact). The 3D Painter can project real colors and beautiful patterns on any kind of surface, for more realism and obviously more fun. [details here]
Mantis, a kinetic lamp that follows your movements when you are writing at your desk. I worked a lot on achieving a nice choreography of the lamp but got a bit lazy on the tracking system. Basically, a webcam is used to track and follow a white shape (e.g. a ping-pong ball). Any white shape. [details here]
So, a lot of us use computers to make 3D models but at the end of the day, what we would all prefer to do is just play Lego. And get a 3D model out of it. That's what Lego X does. [details here]
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