Knock Knock is an installation designed for Steven Tai’s collection launch at the Somerset House during the 2014 London Fashion Week. The aim of the installation was to enable the audience to experience a short movie from different angles chosen by them in real-time.

The viewer triggers camera movements by walking toward the screen. On the main scene for instance, if you walk toward the sink, the camera will instantly move to the sink without any cut in the timeline.

In order to achieve this, we 3D mapped all the filmed sequences, we created and rendered the VFX and developed our own software able to handle a live edit of the movie depending on the human movements detected through a Kinect and some skeleton recognition.
Creative direction + VFX: Guillaume Couche
Interaction Design: Guillaume Couche / Daniel Paredes / Joe Smith
Director: Samuel Stephenson
DOP: Jack Taylor
Sound: Two Sun
Fashion Designer: Steven Tai's AW 2014 collection.
Production: LaLaLand
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