Below a selection of short films I have made between 2013 and now. The early ones are basic and sometimes lack refinement in the colours or the edit. However, each of these have enabled me to experiment, learn new techniques and, I hope, become a better storyteller.
Intentional Interactions (2019)

On the last day of the three weeks interaction design module that Arthur and I created for the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, we assembled the robots that our students had been working with in order to build an interactive sound+light installation. This is the fourth time I make a film together with its soundtrack and I cannot think of a more complete workflow.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2019
Mind Pilot (2019)

 This is a short trailer of an installation that we (Wolf in Motion) worked on for the London Design Festival 2018 at the Design Museum, in collaboration with Loop.pH. What I learned: Never, EVER, leave the camera optical stabilisation on when using a gimbal.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2019
Designing Sound (2019)

This is a short documentary / making-of film of a sound design installation that my friend Arthur Carabott created for the London Covent Garden Apple Store. What I learned: Mixed artificial lighting is very hard to grade, background screens are next to impossible to expose and conducting a film interview without annoying the interviewee is an art.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Sound: Arthur Carabott and Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2019
Behind The Scenes
Pilsner Urquell VR Brewery Tour (2018)

As we were about to deliver our VR experience for Pilsner Urquell, I realised that we had hours and hours of unused amazing 4K footage that would make a nice documentary to show how we work and accompany the launch of the experience. What I learned: Colour Grading in Premiere is painful, editing interviews requires a lot of (human) memory and dubbing liberally takes ages.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Sound Engineer: Luke David Harris
Sound Editing: Guillaume Couche
Music: Matterflow
Released: March 2018
Wolf in Motion (2017)

This is a short trailer that I made in 2017 to showcase the work of the design studio I had co-founded the year before. Because Virtual Reality is hard to capture in an aesthetically pleasing way, I had to spend quite some time shooting virtually (that is using a virtual camera in a virtual world) to get the third-person-point-of-view sequences. This is also the second time I compose the music for a film.
Film / 3D / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: April 2017
Gravity Sketch (2016)

Launch trailer for the iOS version of Gravity Sketch that I directed as I was leaving the company. Looking back at it, I find the music (I composed it) pretty sad and the colour grading approximative (my first attempt at doing that) but overall it looks like an iOS app trailer.
Featured on and
Film / Editing / 3D Animation: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2016
Lego X (2014)

Lego X is a simple idea we had been playing with for a while. We shot this little film in our west London flat, thanks to the gorgeous light we had that winter. No grading or post-processing, colours are from the camera (Sony NEX5). What I learned (too late): If you are going to use an iPad in a video, do make sure you have some proper screen cleaning equipment prior to even thinking about the light, the colours or the camera.
Featured on and dezeen
Film / Motion tracking / 3D: Pierre Paslier & Guillaume Couche
Released: December 2014
Gravity - 3D Sketching (2014)

We had this idea and wanted to share it with the world. I remember spending a lot of time motion tracking our tablet to show what it feels like to use augmented reality. Most of it is shot with a Sony NEX5 consumer grade camera. For the 3D animations, I used Cinema4D.
Featured on, core77, Gizmodo 
Film / Motion tracking / 3D / Compositing: Guillaume Couche
Released: February 2014
Ford Shared Taxi (2013)

The sound quality is crap and the CGI so-so at best (even for 2013) but I am still very proud of it and looking at what has happened in the car industry between then and now, I think our idea was pretty visionary. Most of this film has been done in one night between 6pm and 8am to meet the project deadline (presentation to Ford executives). What I learned: A good story is more important than pretty 3D renderings and mixing physical props with digital characters is more engaging for the client. They were impressed!
Film / Props / Motion Tracking / 3D Animation / Compositing: Guillaume Couche
Voice: Daniela Paredes
Client Premiere: June 2013 (then under NDA for 5 years)
Released: March 2019
Skipping Rocks on the Southern Island (2013)

Shot during a 5 days road trip in New Zealand, this is, I believe, my first publicly available film. I used a Sony NEX5 consumer grade camera with a mechanical gimbal and a 16mm kit lens. No grading or post-processing, colours are from the camera.
Fun fact: Later on, the title of this film inspired the choice of our company name.
Film / Editing: Guillaume Couche
Released: April 2013
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