A selection of short films, making-of and trailers that I directed (2013 - 2019) 
Paysan Brasseur (2019)

Paysan Brasseur means Farmer Brewer in French. This short documentary follows a day in the life of Alexandre, a young Frenchman who takes a new approach to farming and brewing beer with a wine-making inspired philosophy. Not released yet as it is currently being shown is festivals.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Sound: Luke David Harris
Released: Soon
Intentional Interactions (2019)

On the last day of the three weeks interaction design module that Arthur and I created for the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, we assembled the robots that our students had been working with in order to build an interactive sound+light installation.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2019
Mind Pilot (2019)

 This is a short trailer of an installation that we (Wolf in Motion) worked on for the London Design Festival 2018 at the Design Museum, in collaboration with Loop.pH
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2019
Designing Sound (2019)

This is a short documentary / making-of film of a sound design installation that my friend Arthur Carabott created for the London Covent Garden Apple Store. What I learned: Mixed artificial lighting is very hard to grade, background screens are next to impossible to expose and conducting a film interview without annoying the interviewee is an art.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Sound: Arthur Carabott and Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2019
Behind The Scenes
Pilsner Urquell VR Brewery Tour (2018)

As we were about to deliver our VR experience for Pilsner Urquell, I realised that we had hours and hours of unused amazing 4K footage that would make a nice documentary to show how we work and accompany the launch of the experience. What I learned: Colour Grading in Premiere is painful, editing interviews requires a lot of (human) memory and dubbing liberally takes ages.
Film / Editing / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Sound Engineer: Luke David Harris
Sound Editing: Guillaume Couche
Music: Matterflow
Released: March 2018
Wolf in Motion (2017)

This is a short trailer that I made in 2017 to showcase the work of the design studio I had co-founded the year before. Because Virtual Reality is hard to capture in an aesthetically pleasing way, I had to spend quite some time shooting virtually (that is using a virtual camera in a virtual world) to get the third-person-point-of-view sequences.
Film / 3D / Colour Grading: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: April 2017
Gravity Sketch (2016)

Launch trailer for the iOS version of Gravity Sketch that I directed as I was leaving the company. It does looks like an iOS app trailer of 2016.
Featured on wired.com and wired.jp
Film / Editing / 3D Animation: Guillaume Couche
Music: Guillaume Couche
Released: March 2016
Lego X (2014)

Lego X is a simple idea we had been playing with for a while. We shot this little film in our west London flat, thanks to the gorgeous light we had that winter. No grading or post-processing, colours are from the camera (Sony NEX5). What I learned (too late): If you are going to use an iPad in a video, do make sure you have some proper screen cleaning equipment.
Featured on wired.com and dezeen
Film / Motion tracking / 3D: Pierre Paslier & Guillaume Couche
Released: December 2014
Gravity - 3D Sketching (2014)

We had this idea and wanted to share it with the world. I remember spending a lot of time motion tracking our tablet to show what it feels like to use augmented reality. Most of it is shot with a Sony NEX5 consumer grade camera. I composited the 3D animations with Cinema4D.
Featured on wired.com, core77, Gizmodo 
Film / Motion tracking / 3D / Compositing: Guillaume Couche
Released: February 2014
Ford Shared Taxi (2013)

Let's face it, the sound quality is crap and the CGI so-so at best (even for 2013) but I am still very proud of the design thinking behind it and looking at what has happened in the car industry between then and now, I think our vision was right. Most of this film has been done in one night to meet the project deadline (presentation to Ford executives). What I learned: A good story is more important than pretty 3D renderings and mixing physical props with digital characters is more engaging for the client. I think they were impressed!
Film / Props / Motion Tracking / 3D Animation / Compositing: Guillaume Couche
Voice: Daniela Paredes
Client Premiere: June 2013 (then under NDA for 5 years)
Released: March 2019
Skipping Rocks on the Southern Island (2013)

Shot during a 5 days road trip in New Zealand, this is, I believe, my first publicly available film. I used a Sony NEX5 consumer grade camera with a mechanical gimbal and a 16mm kit lens. No grading or post-processing, colours are from the camera.
Fun fact: Later on, the title of this film inspired the choice of our company name.
Film / Editing: Guillaume Couche
Released: April 2013
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